OnlyFans Registration 101

So! You’re thinking about starting an OnlyFans. Everyone you know is doing it, and they’re making a TON of money. You have a vision for the content you want to create, you’re confident you have an audience who will love it, and best of all? You control how much you charge for access to your media! Did you know that the top OnlyFans creators make around $100,000 a month? And that OnlyFans has paid out more than $2 billion to its creators!? Imagine how much money you can make as you grow your subscriber list from hundreds to thousands of fans! What are you waiting for? Creating an OnlyFans account is just the first step, and the Dirty Merch team is here to help you out!

Think of Dirty Merch as your #1 brand-building resource – not only to get started in adult media, but to grow your fanbase, strengthen your brand, and best of all, to maximize your earning power. We’ve got LOTS of in-depth blog posts on the way to motivate you along your journey and help make you the most amount of money possible, and our step-by-step guide for registering on OnlyFans is just the start!

While OnlyFans does offer a user-friendly registration experience, you could still easily miss an important step, or begin the sign-up process and discover that you don’t have all the resources you need to finish setting up your account. Stop putting it off, take control of your future, and follow our detailed guide for creating an OnlyFans account, full of insightful tips from our own top creator Matthew Crawford. Start making money today!

Matthew’s Tips: Before You Start Registration 

  • Make sure you set up your profile on a device with a camera, like a smartphone or laptop with a webcam – you’re going to have to take a selfie to verify your identity! 
  • Ensure that you have a photo ID on hand, like a driver’s license or passport. 
  • Have your profile picture, header image, and bio ready to go. Your bio doesn’t need to be in-depth, but all three elements are required to link your bank account!

Setting Up Your OnlyFans Creator Profile

1. Visit and click “Sign up for OnlyFans” beneath the login form. Enter your email, a password, and your name, and click “SIGN UP”

2. You’ll be directed to the homepage, where you’ll see a red bar instructing you to verify your email address with a blue button to “GO TO SETTINGS.” Click the button. In Settings, click the blue “SEND CONFIRMATION” button

3. Head over to your email inbox, where you’ll find a welcome email from OnlyFans. Confirm your email address by clicking the link provided. 

4. After clicking the link, you’ll be directed to your “Edit Profile Page,” where you can personalize your profile. You can: 

  • Add a profile image and a header image.  
  • Update your username and display name. Selecting your username isn’t permanent, so don’t worry if you don’t have the best one yet! You can always change it in the future. Keep in mind, we’ll have more tips and tricks coming in future blog posts on how to find your niche/brand, as well as how to keep your brand cohesive across all platforms. 
  • Edit your bio. Choosing your bio is like your elevator pitch; you can describe what you have to offer so your fans get an idea before entering your OnlyFans. Entice them to join, be flirty and sexy, but also keep it short, sweet, and to the point. 
  • Set your location. It’s important to note, this field is not required, so if you’re DL, or don’t want people to know your location, then you don’t need to put anything public. 
  • Edit your website URL. In the future, you’ll want to add your Dirty Merch store link right here so your fans can buy intimate items from you!

You must add a profile image, a header image, and bio information before you can input your bank information, so make sure you’ve completed those steps, and remember to click “SAVE” in the upper right corner!

Adding A Bank & Verifying Your Identity

1. From the bar on the left, click “More,” and then “Add bank (to earn.)” You must add a Bank Account or Payment Information before you can set your price or accept tips. Select your country of legal residence, confirm that you are at least 18 years old, and click “NEXT.”

2. On the next page, OnlyFans recommends using a mobile device or a device with a camera to complete your identity verification step with a company called Ondato. Click “COMPLETE VERIFICATION,” and when prompted, confirm that you agree to be redirected to a new page to complete your identification verification with Ondato. Just provide a copy of a valid ID card and a selfie. Ondato’s website gives a great overview of how your identity is verified – just make sure to complete all steps!

3. Return to OnlyFans once you’ve been verified to add your bank account information. You’re all set! 

Setting Your Subscription & Account Settings

1. Return to the Edit Profile page and click “Subscription price and bundles” to set your Subscription settings, such as: 

  • Price per month. Setting your price can be tricky. Depending on what you think your time and content is worth, you only get 80% of that, so always remember to calculate 80% of every set price on OnlyFans. Many creators like to compare their rate to other common subscription-based models (for example, Netflix at $9.99 a month) to evaluate what most people are willing to pay. Also keep in mind that you can start small and set your initial subscription rate low to build a substantial fanbase, then increase your rate over time! 
  • Subscription bundles. With this option, you can choose one flat subscription rate or give a 3-month incentive, for example (if someone wants to commit to 3 months, they’ll get a discounted subscription rate).

2. Beneath the Profile tab, click the Account tab to add your phone number, link your Twitter or Google account, and set the security settings you’re most comfortable with, including Two Step Authentication.

Make sure to click the Privacy and safety settings tab, as well as the Notifications tab to set everything to your preference! 

3. When you’re ready to add content for the first time, click the +NEW POST button on the bottom left, and get ready to make some money! 

We recommend you start off by setting up a welcome message for fans when they subscribe for the first time. Your first few posts shouldn’t give away too much, but just enough to make your fans happy. Talk about what you have planned, give your subscribers sneak peeks, and get them excited for the following months to keep your fans resubscribing!

Need More Help?

OnlyFans has a great FAQ section! Visit their HELP page for General Questions, Fan Questions, and Creator Questions. As a registered user, you can even create a help ticket directly linked to your account!  

Once you’ve completed your registration and built up your OnlyFans platform, you can really maximize your brand earning potential on Dirty Merch – and it all starts with a simple sign up

Dirty Merch is first and foremost an e-commerce platform for creators to sell their intimate merchandise to their fans. However, we know creators (and fans) have questions about becoming a creator or taking their brand to the next level. With that in mind we will be publishing more content like this on our blog, to take you from a beginner making a couple hundred dollars a month to an expert making thousands! In the meantime, make sure you register to be one of the first creators on Dirty Merch. Details about a REFERRAL PROGRAM that can make you even MORE money are coming soon, so stay tuned! 

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