Top 5 Items You Need To Start Creating Content

Getting started as an adult creator shouldn’t be scary, but we understand how intimidating it may feel to join a platform like OnlyFans, which boasts over a million creators! How do you stand out from the crowd? How do you compete with creators who have been honing their media skills for years? Even if you feel confident in your brand and passionate about the content you create, if you’re not matching the quality of other creators’ materials, you’re selling yourself short and missing out on a LOT of money. 

And it’s not just the quality of your content that counts, but the creator experience as well. Are you currently balancing your phone on a stack of books? Are you trying to film content with harsh, unflattering overhead lighting? Aren’t you tired of setting your camera timer, running into frame, striking a pose, and repeating until you’ve gotten the perfect photo? If you’re thinking “there HAS to be an easier way” – you’re right! Creating content should be fun, easy, and sexy, not stressful. 

Thankfully, you only need a few key items to create high-quality content, and Team Dirty Merch has done the homework for you! We talked to top creator and Dirty Merch co-founder Matthew Crawford, and he shared his top 5 must-have items to get started creating content. 

Pro Tip from Matthew:

“You need to invest in the tools you will be using to create your content. The quality of your content is critical in attracting new subscribers and fans as well as retaining them.” 

What Items Do I Need To Start Creating Content?

Are you ready to take your content to the next level? Are you ready to attract hundreds, even thousands of new subscribers with your top-quality photos and videos? Most importantly, is your bank account ready to handle all that money from your new fanbase? Then read on! 

1. iPhone or DSLR camera 

This should come as no shock, but you’ll need a photo and video-capable device to capture all of your content. Many creators enjoy shooting exclusively on an iPhone or DSLR camera, but the choice comes down to how much editing you want to do with your content while getting started.   

With an iPhone, there are numerous apps out there that allow you edit directly on your phone. Some are more robust than others, but going this route allows you to edit on the go and from the tool you will most likely have on you 24/7. With a DSLR, you will need to edit from a computer.  

Remember, you’re just starting out. You can change directions as you go. Our recommendation is start with your phone, and as you get more comfortable with shooting your material you can change how you capture content.  

2. Ring Light

It’s extremely important that you and your content are well-lit, and we love this ring light because you can control it remotely. It’s also light, compact, and designed for both a cellphone or a DSLR camera!  

3. Bluetooth Remote

This hand-held device will help you capture content once you’re situated in a specific spot. You can use this to capture photos or videos if you’re shooting a wider angle, or if you don’t want to constantly go back and forth to the item that is holding up your phone.  

4. Softbox Lighting

Softbox lighting is more optional, but is highly recommended for wider shots, or if you’re in a location that only has harsh overhead lighting. This type of lighting is frequently used in high fashion, beauty, and portraiture photography, and with good reason! A softbox will soften shadows and give a really attractive fill light wherever it’s positioned. 

5. Tripod

This small tripod is perfect for just your phone, and you can take it on the go. But not to worry – it may be light-weight, but it’s also DSLR camera-compatible! You can also combine this tool with the Bluetooth remote so you can capture content from different distances. 

Dirty Merch Is Here To Help!

We hope you found these recommendations helpful as you start your journey in creating content. Remember, these 5 items are an investment! While an iPhone or DSLR camera will be your largest starting cost, ring lights, Bluetooth remotes, and tripods can all be found on a budget. Rest assured that you’ll easily recoup your equipment costs as your subscribers grow from this investment. 

Dirty Merch is first and foremost an e-commerce platform for creators to sell their intimate merchandise to their fans. However, we know creators (and fans), have questions about becoming a creator or taking their brand to the next level. With that in mind we will be publishing more content like this on our blog, to take you from a beginner making a couple hundred dollars a month to an expert making thousands! In the meantime, make sure you register to be one of the first creators on Dirty Merch, and connect with us on Instagram and Twitter! Details about a REFERRAL PROGRAM that can make you even MORE money are coming soon, so stay tuned! 

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