Dirty Merch is an ecommerce platform started by adult creator Matthew Crawford for other creators in the industry. The platform connects fans with creators, who can choose what products they want to upload to their personal store.

For info on us and Matt Crawford check out our About Us page.

Yes! Creators receive 80% of each sale. The 20% that Dirty Merch takes pays for shipping and other administrative costs such as customer service.

Dirty Merch makes it easy:

  1. Creators set up their shops with products they want to sell and they set the price.


  2. Fans come to Dirty Merch to browse products or look for creators they’re a fan of.


  3. After a purchase is made Dirty Merch generates the shipping label for the creator and assists with the shipping process. If a fan has an issue or a question, Dirty Merch handles all customer service issues on behalf of the creator.


  4. Creators get paid for each sale!

Check out our How It Works page for an easy to read infographic.

Right now we are allowing creators to register so they can be the first to know when they can set up their personalized store. If you are a fan, stay tuned for more info on when you can shop your favorite creators.

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Yes! We want our creators to be excited about this new revenue stream for them. We are open to hearing your ideas or if you just want to reach out to know more.

You can contact us through this form or through our socials: Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.